Getting Started

We want to make it as easy as possible for the children to settle in to the nursery, and in order to ensure this we have developed the following induction procedure...

Home Visit

Two members of staff will visit you and your child at home. This helps to build the child’s confidence with the adults they will meet at nursery. It is also an opportunity for you to discuss any personal worries or concerns about your child. You will be given a date and an approximate time in advance. If the date is not convenient for you or if indeed you do not wish to have a home visit at all, then please notify school when you are sent your appointment.

Welcome Visit

You are allocated a welcome visit; this is a one hour session when you stay at nursery with your child. This visit helps to build the child’s confidence as they explore the nursery and get to know the staff, with your help. It also is an opportunity for you to begin to get to know the staff so that you are not going to be leaving your child with ‘strangers’.

Introductory Sessions/ Full Sessions

For the first few times that your child stays at nursery on their own, they only stay for one hour. Most children enjoy this short time and are eager to return the next day. When the staff feel that your child feels settled and secure, and ready to cope with a full session they will tell you.


We all want starting nursery to be an exciting and enjoyable time. The nursery staff are sympathetic, and are aware that occasionally it may be distressing for you as a parent or for your child, and we will work with you to make the experience as positive as possible. If your child has a comforter they are encouraged to bring it with them as this can help them to settle.